Super Meat Boy Review

Super Meat Boy Review

Meat Boy and Bandage Girl live as blissful young lovers until the evil Mr. Fetus arrives and kidnaps the pink princess. You can tell by the names of the characters that we have some crazy game here and most of you have already noticed the Super Mario Bros. references too.

SMB is a cartoon style platformer, similar to other recent indie games in paying tribute to the 8-bit titles of yesterday.You gotta help Meat Boy, who’s trying to reach his one and only love while surviving the dangerous environment filled with weird creatures and wicked traps. Despite the „Super” title, Meat Boy’s only abilities are jumping and sticking to walls with his bloodied body. Just make one mistake and you have to start over (it occurs quite often).

This game has a huge amount of levels: each of the chapters contains 20 „light” levels and a boss fight. By beating a time limit, you get to play the „dark” version of each level (even more difficult). You can also stumble upon warp zone portals, by entering them you get to a retro 8-bit world where you can unlock new characters. The majority of these guys come from other indie games (Bit.Trip, Minecraft, VVVVVV etc.) wielding different powers which can be used to collect all the band aids spread over levels. By grabbing all of them you might purchase even more heroes to control. This way the number of levels is already over 300 but we shouldn’t forget about Super Meat World with hundreds of community made levels and scenarios and a random map generator!

All in all, Super Meat boy packs a considerable amount of fun even with its extreme difficulty. While most of its levels can be completed in 15 seconds (preceded by hours of practice in some cases though), you’ll need lots of free time to get a 100% out of it.

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