Sneaky Sneaky Review

Sneaky Sneaky Review

Sneaky Sneaky is a lot of things.Firstly, Sneaky Sneaky is a truly “modern” game, evidenced by the fact that its got an XP system, a leveling mechanic, gear upgrades and some smart Steam achievements. There is the typical hiding-in-bushes stealth and avoiding line-of-sight gameplay, you have the omnipresent bow in your arsenal and you can stealth kill enemies.

In short, all things that have become the status quo, the sort of seemingly profound complexity that excites and gives a sense of progression. That’s not a bad thing, but Sneaky Sneaky could have been totally serviceable without this surface complexity and in the process would have been more challenging and fun.

Secondly, it’s a misnomer. Because if you stick by the name and sneak your way through this game, it can get really tedious as the actual sneaky bits are much less fun than when you end up being discovered by an enemy. Because its while you are spotted that the game reveals an entirely new layer of gameplay that marries real-time actions with turn-based combat, which is not only more tactical than sneaking but more rewarding. And that’s when the game is at its most innovative.

Thirdly, Sneaky Sneaky is misplaced. It feels like a mobile game lost on Steam. With its Zelda-esque dungeons that you navigate by clicking individual spaces in a 8×6 grid (which can work like a charm with a touchscreen), you navigate a rogue towards the exit in each of its 15 levels while trying to collect a maximum of 3 gems per level, very mobile-y.

And lastly it’s a confused game. There is this resource-based feel wherein if you happen to have a particular item in your inventory a certain tougher room may become a sneak-walk which otherwise would require some clever hit and run tactics. But given that the overall game is not that challenging and death poses no penalties (only the room you died in resets, rather than the entire level) this nuance of multiple solutions doesn’t feel entirely realized.

Though the art is neat and the real to turn-based battles feel ingenious, the overall package feels slim on content. Here’s hoping that future Steam updates add interesting more levels, new enemies and their diverse compositions that make it much more worth your time and money.

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