Roundabout Review

Roundabout Review

Roundabout’s arcadey action-puzzle gameplay is complimented perfectly by its goofy retro style. You play Georgio Manos, a limo driver with a twist – she never stops spinning. Getting her passengers from point A to point B while permanently revolving is surprisingly tough, feeling sort of like an endless, rhythmic three-point turn around obstacles. It’s a strange mechanic but very satisfying once you get the hang of it, and frequent checkpoints ensure that, despite the difficulty, it rarely frustrates.

As you progress, you unlock new special abilities that change up your strategy, including slow motion, driving on water and changing the direction of your spin, and the game becomes less about making it to where you need to go, and more about getting as many points as you can along the way. It’s all about finding the frantic balance between speed and accuracy that will keep your score-multiplier going as long as possible.

Missions are bookended by brilliantly bizarre FMV cutscenes, telling Georgio’s story in the style of a 70s B-movie. YouTube personality Kate Welch plays Georgio as a silent protagonist, but still manages to steal the show with her hilariously dry reactions to the bizarre customers that frequent the back of her limo. The story isn’t exactly a thrill-ride, but its cheesy charm and likeable characters will keep you always pushing forward to the next mission – and you may even spot a couple of cameos from popular games developers.

All of this takes place in a surprisingly large open-world, chock-full of challenges and collectibles. You can even purchase and manage property to earn some more cash – cash you can then spend on new paint jobs and hats (yes, hats) for your limo. While the story only takes an evening or two to get through, completionists will find many more hours of fun in driving around the city, chasing high-scores and rooting out all of the game’s secrets.

It’s clear to see the developers had great fun making Roundabout, and their enthusiasm really is infectious. If Georgio’s colourful, revolving adventure doesn’t put a smile on your face, nothing will.

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