Rochard Review

Rochard Review

Ever wanted to know what a G-Lifter is? It may sound like a toy for single women but it isn’t (that would be a waaay different game). It’s a portable gravity gun and your main tool in Rochard. This cartoony indie sidescroller takes you to a future where turbinium ore is mined on asteroids and John Rochard, the everyday astrominer hasn’t found any of it for quite a time now. His dull days are likely to change due to the discovery of an ancient temple in a shaft, space bandits appearing out of nowhere and his former boss revealing himself as an evil mastermind.

Besides basic movement, Rochard can use his G-Lifter to grab various objects and throw them away or hold them as a shield in front of him. He also has the ability to lower the gravity around him, increasing jump height and throwing distance. The puzzles build heavily on the use of physics and gravity manipulation or twiddling with some force fields and switches.

Regular weapons can also be used: you have a built in blaster and three kinds of grenades. Those surely come in handy as bad guys are also lurking on the stages (the usual folks: bandits, space police, security robots, etc.). The environment itself can be hostile towards you e.g. electric floors, industrial lasers and heavy containers are bad for your health.

Unfortunately Rochard isn’t as entertaining as it could be. Instead of some gravity changing extravaganza with crazy-ass puzzles you only get to carry boxes from one place to the other, jump over platforms and easily neutralize your dumb enemies. Banal story, drawn-out dialogs and dull graphics don’t help the game in outgrowing itself either. The ending suggests the possibility of a sequel, hopefully it will have a better level design.

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