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NBA 2K13 Review

2K Sports continues to prove why they create the best basketball experience with NBA 2K13. Creating your own player and controlling him as he advances from man off the bench to star of the league, managing and playing with an online fantasy team, taking control of current and past teams against friends and strangers, and even creating a shoe in the shoe creator and exporting it to Nike ID to have made in real life are just a some of the many modes 2K13 provides.

2K13’s new dynamic control stick may be difficult to understand at first however upon mastering it ankle breaking crossovers and high flying ally-oops become easier to execute than ever before. Player animation reaches an all-time high making blocks, player collisions and more feel fluid and dynamic although on occasion the ball can be seen going through a player’s hand or leg. While some players such as Kevin Durant have been beautifully modeled other lesser known ballers don’t have that extra level of polish. Many players signature play styles have been faithfully recreated making each team and player feel unique.

This game prominently advertises that it has been executive produced by Jay Z but it does so with good reason as the sound of 2K13 is superb. The game’s soundtrack provides more than a dozen catchy tunes which fits well with the its overall style. On the court the sounds are also fitting to its environment making it so no ball dribble or crowd boo feels out of place. It also ensures each game feels personalized as the in game commentators react well with the action of the game mentioning when a shooter is feeling hot and interrupt their sentence to scream in excitement as Kobe throws down an unbelievable slam.

Playing NBA 2K13 is simply a delight and the atmosphere it creates allows for a highly competitive and heart pounding experience. While a lot of annualized sport games tend to provide minimal improvements over its predecessor NBA 2K13 adds new control systems, game types, and features that allow it to feel fresh and exciting.

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