limbo review

LIMBO Review

A boy with ghostly glowing eyes wakes up in a dark forest, everything in monochrome. You don’t know how he got there: maybe he’s dead, already a ghost. The only thing sure that he has to pass through the eerie world of Limbo, avoiding deadly traps by solving puzzles or using your reflexes.

In Limbo, you spend most of the time running from danger or completing riddles to survive the deathtraps. It’s a trial-and-error run and you will see that poor kid dying in many cruel ways. The designers really reached for their Dark Sides as there are a lot of moments when you’re like: „Oh man, I’ve just avoided that swinging bear trap that was cl… oh great, there was another in the opposite direction. I’ll try again then.” Despite the evil ways the creators of the game came up with to torture me I enjoyed their challenge (for the masochists there’s an achievement to complete the game in one sitting with five deaths at most).

Without it’s graphics and sounds Limbo would be just another puzzle platformer. It draws a heavy influence from film noir and monochrome silent films: the figures resemble shadow puppets moving in front of a realistic scenery. Other movie techniques are also present such as film grain, special lighting, and focusing. The audio parts mostly consist of environmental noises though sometimes a few lines of music can be heard as well, these minimalistic sounds go well with the game’s style.

Limbo is a great game in many ways (though a little bit short) and you can get it for a decent price nowadays. I seriously recommend it for everyone who isn’t against grim themes. Beautiful and dark at the same time, it has deserved that many awards since its 2010 release.

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