Instant Dungeon Review

Instant Dungeon is a great example of a game that combines exploration and retro arcade games like Frogger, Pac-Man, and Bomberman. This game allows you to travel through increasingly darker and complex levels of a dungeon while avoiding enemy creatures.

Each level forces you to deal with more complex passages, lower light levels, and more monsters that are trying to keep you from reaching your goal. Each level is a random combination of passageways and numerous styles of monsters that attack allow players to enjoy something new each time they play.

The game can be quick paced and wildly varied. Instant Dungeon comes in a variety of modes that will appeal to people of different mindsets and interests. The mode I find myself playing the most is “weak-sauce” which starts you off with 3 lives and the opportunity to collect more at “boss” stages.

One way the game adds a level of difficulty is that players only carry one item at a time. You can pick up weapons, shields, spells, and torches as you travel the paths. Thankfully there are items, such as a helmet, that offer protection from one hit when used.

Despite having the “continue” option on the main menu there are no continues. At first, there is only one mode to play, and you unlock other modes after getting to certain levels. I will say that there are a couple of modes that I have yet to unlock despite my many attempts. I will probably get those modes eventually, but the game has grown tiresome at this point.

Instant Dungeon allows you to play without worrying too much about serious planning. It lets you play anytime you have a few free moments and it is a perfect example for quick play sessions. This game does not require you to keep track of numerous skills or combinations of moves to complete innumerable quests and reach new and exciting levels of gameplay.

The game is easily navigated using just a keyboard, but I’m happy that it offers controller support. Personally, I would equate Instant Dungeon to some titles on my phone. They are really fun at first, get tiresome after a while, but I still keep around so I can play them from time to time.

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