Hill Climb Racing Review

Hill Climb Racing Review

Hill Climb racing is one of those simple games that will have a player hooked on it for months trying to beat their own once in a lifetime high score. It starts right up on your tablet with big and easy menu buttons that allow the selection of unlocked levels and vehicles.

Big gas and brake pedal buttons are in the bottom corners of the screen. Gas and brake is it. You try to keep the side scrolling car from flipping over by balancing it with gas and brake pressure over stage terrain that becomes more difficult to traverse the further you can get. Your car can also run out of gas if you don’t make it far enough to collect gas tanks before a bar at the top of the screen runs out. This is all made easier when you learn how to drive on each individual stage, since each stage is designed to have a best way of navigating it if you want to get far. Zone out.

There are lots of different playable cars. And that’s interesting because each has its own advantages and disadvantages based on how well it will do on different stages. The tank may be able to get up the sharp edges of the volcano, but it burns gas fast. Or the race car may be low to the ground so it doesn’t hit the avatar’s head on a low ceiling cave level, but its speed and spoiler also make it hard to control on bumpy roads.

You get a high score by collecting coins and getting further. Coins are used to open new levels and upgrade your vehicle’s engine, suspension, tires and 4WD. Or you can just buy coins online. But it’s all balanced well enough that you can get free coins from just playing it, upgrade your vehicles, and compete with other people’s high scores all long before it ever gets boring.

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