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Heroes and Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar Review

Heroes and Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar by Cuve games is by no means an exciting reimagining of the fantasy roleplaying genre, it is, however, a fairly enjoyable, if at times tedious, strategy/action game that will easily fill up an afternoon but, for an asking price of ยฃ6.99, this is not an exceptionally good value proposition.

In Heroes and Legend: Conquerors of Kolhar you will spend the vast majority of your time in pitched three on three battles that take place in real time making tougher battles become frantic as you try to level up your character, keep them alive and manage loots while being assaulted by waves of generic fantasy enemies.

The loot and crafting systems add a lot to the game and getting new gear that make significant aesthetic changes to your characters were the main motivating factor in completing the non-story missions of the game, Battles, while fun and enjoyable at first, quickly drag with individual missions taking as long as 10 minutes and all of your characters dying means restarting long battles. Calling HaL: CoK a strategy game is a stretch of the word โ€˜strategyโ€™. I found having a well leveled team with decent armor and a lot of health to be the most useful tactic over swapping your team around based on strengths and weaknesses.

The story of the game is not the most compelling and the characters all fit into age old archetypes, you get enough dialogue between battles to keep the story moving but I never found myself itching to find out what happens next, the writing overall is not terrible but itโ€™s nothing amazing, much like the music which mediocre at best this however makes it a perfect game to play while listening to a podcast.

Overall this game is certainly enjoyable initially but it definitely began to drag out as I moved into my third hour of playing, the battles feel too long and the difficulty ramp is such that you need to complete extraneous side missions to level your characters up to the point they are not getting annihilated within the first three waves of any given battle, despite this I still found myself inexplicably drawn back to the game and found myself grinding through side missions to get better equipment and more abilities.

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