Endless Legend Review

Endless Legend Review

Endless Legend is considered a 4X (Explore, Expand, Exploit, and Exterminate) style fantasy strategy game. The game offers a choice between playing as one of eight factions, or even creating your own. Each faction has a unique storyline which is told in-game through missions. When creating a game you can choose between single player or online multiplayer.

After choosing the settings for your game, or joining someone else’s game, you start with a settler and some troops for your first turn. Choosing where to settle your first city is extremely important as it can influence all aspects of the game, and how fast you can build. Finding the balance between food, industry, dust (the currency), and science is critical. The last “resource” to consider is influence which can be used to negotiate with other factions or set-up bonuses for your cities.

There is a tutorial that explains the basics of the game and some options, but I found that when I started my own game I was still a little lost. The world itself seems quite large and there are so many things to consider and options to follow to victory even in the beginning that it can get a bit overwhelming, but I consider that a good thing.

The tiles of the map are quite detailed, and you have a large range of zoom available. The more you zoom out, the less detailthere is shown, to the point of the screen resembling just looking at a basic brown map of the area. The way this is implemented is wonderful and even zoomed out all the way, you have all the important information you need, and some important tiles are easier to see.

I will say that personally with all the different options available and things to worry about, this game takes a lot of time and concentration to play and learn. For those that enjoy long strategy games and games similar to Sid Meier’s Civilization, this game is well worth while.

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