Dishonored Review

Dishonored Review

Being a stealth action title in the wake of Thief and Deus Ex, Dishonored had caught my attention way before its release. I’m glad that it came up to my expectations, being a really enjoyable game. The story’s about an imperial bodyguard framed for the murder of the Empress, becoming an unwitting assassin seeking justice. While sneaking through the shadows of Dunwall City you’ll get to discover a rich and unique world with steampunk and gothic influences.

Stricken by the horrible disease called Rat Plague, the city has lost its former glory, many citizens becoming feral beings: the weepers. The survivors are suppressed by the Lord Regent, a conspirator in the Empress’ assassination. The ever vigilant city guard uses modern technology: stilt-walking heavy infantry called Tallboys, automatic turrets and electric weapons developed by Sokolov, the royal scientist.

Dishonored’s strength lies in the freedom given to the player. Each mission has a main objective (mostly target elimination), then the rest of the job is up to you: use magic skills such as Blink (teleportation), time stopping, the possession of animals and humans or gadgets for rewiring of weapons to turn them against your enemies. Assignments can be completed without killing anyone (side quests and opportunities make possible to get rid of your main targets by indirect means), the end of the whole campaign may be reached without spilling blood (Thief nostalgia). You may choose open combat instead, forget about sleep darts, grab some grenades and explosive bullets then shoot some people in the face.

During the missions collectable goodies can be used for learning new abilities and upgrading your equipment. By the end of the game you’ll become death incarnate with the power of freezing time, unnoticed movement, armed with a huge payload of weaponry. Dishonored is an exciting adventure with the possibility of many different playthroughs (somewhat compensating for the short storyline). Sometimes the AI has strange reactions and the controls tend to be inaccurate at times, but hey, nothing’s perfect!

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