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Crysis 3 Review

Crysis has always been known as a series with lush visuals, fun gameplay, and a faceless protagonist. Crysis 3 does little to change that. Other than a few gameplay tweaks and a better multiplayer, itʼs still Crysis to its core. Unfortunately, it stands in the shadows of its much dominant predecessors.

Crysis 3ʼs story is somewhat predictable. After twenty years of being cryogenically frozen, the nano-suit wielding, gun toting super soldier, Prophet wakes up to find the Earth pretty much dominated by the evil CELL Corporation. While CELL is the real enemy on everyoneʼs minds, Prophetʼs main goal is to kill the Alpha Ceph, the leader of the raptor-like alien species. Still, the real story revolves around Prophetʼs relationship with his partner Michael “Psycho”.

Now on to the core gaming experience. Crysis 3ʼs gameplay features standard first-person shooter mechanics with a few perks to keep it interesting. For example, there is in-game weapon customization. This means at any time, you can switch out the stocks, barrels, and scopes of your weapons. This helps when you need a particular type of weapon to win in a firefight. Another thing that separates this game from other FPSs is the “Hunter” bow you acquire early in the Campaign. This weapon has several different arrow tips and the weapon customization applies to this as well when youʼre switching them out.

The star of the show is still the nano-suit. Whether you wish to cloak yourself, or turn on your shield which makes your suit rock hard, it makes Crysis feel unique in the crowded shooter genre. Much like past Crysis titles, this game encourages stealth and assassinations over anything. With the fact that your cloak doesnʼt break when firing an arrow, this becomes a real treat to do.

Visually, Crysis 3 is stunning. It follows in the footsteps of its predecessors by being one of the best looking games to date. From the beautiful vistas, to the amazing amount of detail, itʼs hard not to stop and and admire the amazing layouts that Crysis 3 presents.

Overall, Crysis 3 is a great game. While it pales in comparison to to the first two installments, itʼs not to be missed.

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