Crysis 2 Review

Crysis 2 Review

Crysis 2 is the sequel to the acclaimed science-fiction FPS of Crytek and it continues where the first episode left off. In 2023 humanity is fighting the squid-like aliens called Ceph who are now destroying New York City with a virus. You are „Alcatraz” the member of a Marine Force attacked by the Ceph troops and rescued by the prequel’s protagonist, Prophet who gives you his Nanosuit. Though this way Alcatraz survives, he is mistaken for Prophet and soon everybody wants to see him dead (and get his alien-based Nano-gadget).

In the first few missions you have to fight against Crynet’s CELL troopers, but soon enough the tentacled guys also appear in their robotic suits which they got since Crysis. Besides being nice targets for your guns these aliens are the source of nano catalyst used for Nanosuit upgrades. This outfit has some nice features e.g. a cloak generator, extra hard armor, the ability to jump higher and select your targets on a visor screen etc.

There are many customizations to choose from whether you prefer to be stealthy or a killing machine. Tinkering is also available for your weapons with different targeting systems, silencers and bullet types. IMHO the silenced pistol is way too powerful: in cloak mode you can kill 4-5 enemies with it in a row without being detected.

The graphics of the first game were extraordinary and Crysis 2 has plenty of eye candy too. As you wander amongst the ruins of Manhattan recognizing many famous buildings there are moments when you just hold your breath and enjoy the view. The animation of Ceph troopers is also worth mentioning.

Despite all these pros I had a feeling of boredom growing stronger and stronger while I was playing the game. Crysis 2 is the perfect example of nowadays’ mainstream FPS games: flashy graphics with a mediocre storyline and linear, repetitive game play. You should try multiplayer though it’s kinda fun thanks to the suit customizations.

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