Boo Bunny Plague Review

Boo Bunny Plague Review

There are games we expect, like Call of Duty. There are games like Psychonauts which come completely out of left-field. Then there are insane games like Boo Bunny Plague, which come so far left of left-field that that they make Psychonauts look like straight-laced affairs.

At first glance, it may not seem particularly out of the ordinary; it’s an indie action-adventure game with a few levels at a reasonable price. However, its main character is an android robot, whose main weapon of choice is a range of guitars, and it also contains unbelievably catchy musical numbers. Boo Bunny Plague displays a rare creative spark that will keep the player mesmerised throughout.

The developers, On The Level, describe this game as a comedy, a tag that Boo Bunny Plague completely lives up to. It uses zany humour heavily, which works wonderfully as it is likely that you’ll be smiling and laughing all the way throughout this genuinely hilarious game.

This funny world is brought to life with the use of beautiful cel-shaded graphics, making the whole experience look like a Saturday morning cartoon, which goes hand in hand with the comedic way that the game operates. Also, it looks undeniably gorgeous.

The game itself is highly enjoyable. There’s much to love here about killing enemies with a guitar, especially in the brilliant and exquisite boss battles. They’re fairly challenging, but wholly rewarding like the rest of the game.

Still, what is perhaps the key selling point of Boo Bunny Plague is definitely one of the most creative and refreshing ideas to be included in a game for a long while. The musical numbers are sheer brilliance- they’re not only good enough for a cheap laugh, they’re good enough to be on your iPod.

Boo Bunny Plague is an insane fever dream of a game, but a wholly pleasant one at that. The humour is raucous and on-point, the musical numbers are an absolute delight, and, best of all, it looks and plays like a dream. Do not let this game pass you by, unless you have a deadly allergy to fun.

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