What is this shortgamereview.com thing anyway?
Shortgamereview is basically a blog with really short, straightforward video game reviews. We mostly write about new releases but essentially do a review on any game we stumble upon.

Why so short?
There are zillions of pages with game articles but these are usually longer (at least 400 words). Sometimes people don’t want to read through all of it just to know why that game is so awesome so we post our opinion in compact writings that give you some insight on the games and score them on a 1-10 scale. There’s also a Something Special badge for those titles we found really unique.

About Us
We’re a bunch of gamers who enjoy writing about games as much as playing them. If you have thoughts on the posts, feel free to comment. We hope you’ll find the information you’re looking for and enjoy reading this short game review blog.

Have fun!