Over 9000 Zombies Review

There are over 9000 zombies at your doorstep, what do you do? Grab your super charged plasma cannon and start unloading all that military grade experimental ammunition you stockpiled in your isolationist cabin in the woods. Who needs friends or family, pfft certainly not you!

Over 9000 Zombies! presents the player with a top down view of their lone cabin in the woods as hordes of zombies materialize out of the surrounding forest. Accosted by the slavering horde the player begins with a pistol and very little else. Quickly new weapons, metal for construction, and grenades drop to begin filling the players coffers. The lack of depth here really begins to show as zombies have little to no interesting A.I. Actions, when a character walks too close they simply float in a b-line to the offending warm body. Granted this could change before release.

Visually the player is transported back to the 16-bit glory days, sprites offer no animations, floating across screen towards the player, some producing meat-ball-of-death style gouts of flame. There is a visually appealing lighting effect occurring at night as if the character was vibrantly luminescent. Strange, considering the character has no lantern or torch…

To complete the illusion of playing a 90′s era arcade box – wordless hard rock blares as soon as the game begins. Unfortunately as encouraging as this could have been it quickly becomes clear that what is heard is a lame rock play list on repeat as there’s no real context for what the player hears. Guns make pew pew noises, as if ripped directly from the old Contra audio files, and explosions seem muted.

The illusion complete, the player may find themselves attempting to jam quarters in their machines USB ports when they die. A shallow experience designed to waste time. Ultimately a quaint, short lived jaunt back to the arcade days ending with a resounding meh.

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