The Room Two Review

The Room Two Review

The Room Two is a beautifully crafted 3D game with a relatively simple premise: solve the puzzles to escape the room. The story continues on from its predecessor (aptly named The Room), where you are tracking down the discoverer of the “Null” element. However, The Room Two is considerably larger than the original: the puzzles are trickier and require more parts; you can move between sections of a room and each level is in a different location, with an ancient temple, a ship’s cabin and an extremely creepy séance room, to name a few.

There is such a richness to this game. The detail to wood grain and worn brass, for example, is extraordinary and does much to make you forget that you’re just poking at an iPad. There are also items that don’t impact on gameplay but add to the overall feel of the game. For example, the séance level has sepia photographs with the faces scratched out, but look different when viewed through the mysterious Null lens. The music is subtle, but works to produce a sense of unease. If you’re playing this alone at night, it can get pretty eerie.

As far as mechanics go, this game really takes advantage of its touchscreen capabilities. You swipe to open a drawer, turn a key, and double-tap to zoom in. Precision is essential to the game: if you misclick, you might miss an essential piece. Looking at objects from all angles is vital to progressing, and you really do feel clever when you solve a part of the puzzle.

Storywise, The Room Two comes up a bit short. You know that solving puzzles will bring you closer to unleashing terrors of Lovecraftian proportions, but it’s never explained why you’re trapped in the room. Additionally, games in this genre have diminishing replayability value. Once you know (and remember) how to solve the puzzles, it becomes less immersive and fun. However, given the intricacies of the challenges, and how beautifully realistic the game is, it’s still worth unraveling its mysteries a second time.

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